As a Hypnotherapist, I work with you to address a variety of questions, obstacles, and behavioral patterns. These sessions support you in the process of self discovery and lasting change. After a consultation on the nature of the issue, I carefully explain how hypnosis works and what you may experience during the session. We then induce a hypnotic state and do detailed work around your identified objective for the session. I work with a range of foci, including;

Phobias, Aversions, Shadow
Past Life Regression
Between Lives Regression
Motivation, Inspiration
Removing Creative Blocks
Behavior Modification
Alien Contact, Experiencer Phenomena

These are deep-dive sessions which typically require 3 hours to complete. They are highly personalized and can be combined with other one-on-one work around creativity and / or spirituality. They include consultation, meditation, binaural wave entrainment, hypnotic induction, and post-session debriefing. All sessions are recorded on video and audio and made available to clients for reference and further work.


$300 per session - typically three hours per session
$500 per day, on location + air & hotel (two day minimum, I travel to you)


Creativity is not only an essential part of a fulfilling life, it is in itself a transformative path. I call it the Primordial Lineage, because every facet of our human existence is a direct result of the creative lineage. All religions, language, knowledge - civilization itself, is the product of human creativity. It is the native endowment of each person born to claim this infinite source of originality. It’s not just a path, it is the path which gave birth to all other paths.

Over thirty years of working as a full-time artist and spiritual practitioner, I’ve gathered a powerful collection of tools. Something from Nothing is a synthesis of methods which is virtually guaranteed to work for anyone who genuinely applies it. I work with every kind of client, from people stuck in the corporate torpor to artists, teachers, seekers, and athletes. These techniques applly to any profession or calling, but are also customizable to the individual.

This is deep one-on-one work. We identify what is blocking, limiting, or holding you back, and then formulate a plan for you to access the most creative, ingenious you. Your LIMINAL MUSE. This process modulates your being, with lasting gifts for anyone willing to do the work. There is a Cosmic surprise waiting in each human soul, and it is a great joy of my life helping people discover it.

I have formalized this process into modules which include state training, shadow work, creative koans, active imagination, integral cross training, hypnagogic and hypnopompic skills, three-body building, signs, symbols, & decoys, and much more. This work is perfect for anyone struggling with;

Identifying Your Passion, True Calling in Life
Blocks; Creative, Emotional, Mental, Spiritual
Dissatisfaction, Self-Undermining Patterns
Procrastination, Justification
Depression, Stagnation
Allergy to Monetizing Your Passion, Art
Overwhelm (the flip of writer’s block)
Pessimism, Defeatism
Aversions to Creative Discomfort
State Chasing vs State Training
Limiting Beliefs, Antiquated Cultural Filters


$150 per 60 minute session. Typically one session per month
$500 per day, intensive on location (I travel to you) + air & hotel