A LIMINAL MUSE is a loving, wise Presence available to each and every person. It is devoted to your deepest good, your fullest realization. Liminal because it guides you through profound transitions; into deeper registers of being, new modes of existence. Muse because it is the source of limitless inspiration. It gives you the power to conjure Something from Nothing.

Your Liminal Muse inhabits both sides of vital boundaries; between present and future, material and spiritual, personal and trans-personal. It is uniquely equipped to help you cross the most important thresholds of life and death. Your Liminal Muse is your greatest ally in the odyssey of birth, re-birth, and creative transformation.

I’m Stuart Davis. I founded The Liminal Muse to help people discover what really matters, and give them tools to do their most important work. I offer private sessions for people wanting help with creativity, self discovery, and healing.

Over thirty years in the fields of creativity and spirituality, my passions became interwoven. As an artist and seeker, I love the profound transformation that comes when a person discovers their primordial origin.

Each human being is an endlessly creative emergence. Over a life-time we migrate through a succession of changes that usher in new identities, orders of awareness, and realms of reality.

We are at once vulnerable, sensitive beings, but also Cosmically powerful co-authors of an infinite mystery. As we live into deeper co-operation with our Liminal Muse, our humanity and our divinity converge. We find such opposites are complementary. Our wholeness is not impossible, but inevitable. It’s each person’s birthright to seek and claim their own mortal, and immortal inheritance.

By re-establishing our connection to depth, and adopting new practices to protect and advance that connection, we can secure profound change. Not only do the practices of The Liminal Muse generate healing and happiness, they allow us to experience a hidden world around us, and within us. This is the re-enchantment of your life. It ushers in a stable relationship with your deepest Self, and the enigmatic intelligence which animates our magnificent Cosmos.